237 new architectural business opportunities published on Tenderstream

7 June 2024

Highlights from the Week

This week, Tenderstream has curated and published 237 architectural design business leads and competitions from around the world, with our members receiving full details of every opportunity relevant to their practice. To find out if our service could be of use to you, simply sign up to a free trial here.

In Germany, a tender has been released for design services to upgrade a significant city museum, as part of the largest modernisation and restructuring project at the facility since it opened in 1912. A renovation in keeping with the site's heritage status is expected to transform the building into a future-oriented and public-friendly museum celebrating arts and culture, welcoming 150,000 visitors per year. 

In the Netherlands, an integrated design team is sought for the transformation of a vocational school dedicated to training in the fields of woodworking, furniture making, and interior design. The existing college premises will be adapted to provide students, alumni, employees and industries with sustainable and optimally-designed living and working environments.

Our research team has also identified many other exciting opportunities, just some of which are highlighted below.

In the US, city officials are seeking proposals from architectural firms to develop design options and architectural drawings for a new multi-use building that will house a historical museum and provide tenant spaces for potential retail or restaurant uses. In Europe, a procurement agency has issued a request to submit an offer for the tasks of architectural design, masterplanning and data modelling coordination for the transformation of an art museum. Elsewhere in the world, three government ministries are initiating a joint project to design, build and commission a new parliament complex on a green location on the outskirts of a capital city.

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