Timber neighbourhood planned for Copenhagen

13 January 2020
  • Henning Larsen
  • Henning Larsen
  • Henning Larsen



Henning Larsen bring rural style to city development

Henning Larsen is to design Fælledby, Copenhagen’s first all-timber neighbourhood. Just beyond the city centre, the proposal seeks to transform the former dumping ground site into a model for sustainable living, with 40 per cent of the scheme’s 18.1 ha land left as undeveloped natural space. Designed to accommodate 7,000 residents, the timber buildings will include facades that feature birdhouses and other animal habitats.

Fælledby is the latest in a resurgence of timber construction throughout Scandinavia, as the region seeks to set a global example for sustainable contemporary architecture. As well addressing these wider aims, local considerations were taken into account during the contest, with city residents offering feedback on the submitted designs. Anne Skovbro, Managing Director of developers By & Havn, stated: “The message from our dialogue with local citizens was entirely clear – we knew we had a responsibility to take great care of the community’s plant and animal residents, while at the same time building a sustainable neighbourhood within this setting.”

Henning Larsen’s design merges traditional Danish urban and rural styles in order to balance the city with its natural surroundings. Fælledby will spread outward from three distinct “mini villages”, with phased development helping the landscape grow organically. Biologists and environmental engineers from MOE collaborated on the design for green corridors between the villages, allowing wildlife to move freely across the site. Community gardens will provide further spaces for nature, with new ponds in the centre of each zone offering a habitat for frogs and salamanders. Signe Kongebro, Partner at Henning Larsen, stated: “With the rural village as an archetype, we’re creating a city where biodiversity and active recreation define a sustainable pact between people and nature.”
Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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