Approval granted for Birmingham prayer monument

14 September 2020
  • Snug Architects


United Kingdom

Plans for new national landmark move forward

Snug Architects has been given planning permission by North Warwickshire Borough Council for a new UK national landmark, the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, which is set to be constructed on a site near Birmingham and is expected to attract 300,00 visitors a year. The firm won an international competition run by RIBA to find a design for a piece of public art made from one million bricks, each representing an answered prayer, with the aim of preserving and celebrating the UK’s Christian heritage.

Standing at 169 ft high, the winning design was inspired by the concept of a gigantic, never-ending Möbius strip. The wall will be one of the world’s largest crowd-created collaborative projects in the world, digitally linking every brick to a personal story of an answered prayer, submitted from individuals across the UK. Using interactive technology and a bespoke app, visitors will be able to use their smart device, holding it against any brick to read the story behind it. 

Richard Gamble, project CEO, stated: “It’s been 16 years since the idea was first born.To finally receive the official consent is incredible.We are building a very special landmark and it is an amazing opportunity for the British people to leave a legacy of hope for future generations…The unique thing about the project is all about the community: it is crowd funded and a million people will come together to crowd create this incredible piece of art with their stories of hope. What we’re doing is historic.” 

The wall is expected to be completed in Autumn 2022.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

This competition was first published by TenderStream on 12.09.2016 here

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