Arup delivers University of Glasgow redevelopment

19 January 2024
  • Christopher Swan
  • Christopher Swan




United Kingdom

Sustainable goals met for campus transformation

Tenderstream member Arup has recently delivered the University of Glasgow, Western Campus redevelopment, following a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, in line with targets set out by Glasgow City Council. In collaboration with AECOM, 7N, and LUC as part of the masterplan development team, Arup aimed to fulfil the University of Glasgow's aspirations to create a modern campus that pays homage to the historic surroundings.

Since the beginning of the redevelopment in September 2015, Arup was responsible for designing key pieces of infrastructure such as lighting across the campus to improved safety and overall visitor experience, and improving pedestrian flow by creating welcoming outdoor spaces. Arup also completed several areas of the campus including University Avenue, University Place, St Mungo Square and Snow Bridge Gardens. In the first phase, Arup incorporated sustainable drainage systems to reduce the flow of water to combined sewage systems, instead diverting to the river and providing green amenity.

The Adam Smith Business School is another key project won by Arup alongside architect Hassell in 2018, costing approximately £50 million. The building, open to staff and students since September 2023, now includes modern and collaborative learning and teaching facilities. In collaboration with Hassell, Arup contributed towards the mechanical, electrical and public health design to minimise operational carbon, as well as supported on the fire and acoustics.

The redevelopment is ongoing with the construction of the Keystone Building, a 26,000 sq m multipurpose teaching and learning facility set to include student and engineering research laboratories. A key project aim is to deliver a low carbon, sustainable building that meets RIBA 2030 goals

Joan Fairfull, associate structural engineer at Arup, stated: “The redevelopment of the University of Glasgow’s Western Campus is a major benchmark of sustainable success for Arup. The work that Arup has carried out so far showcases the company’s commitment in prioritising sustainability across all its projects. Projects such as the Keystone Building, due for completion in 2027, aim to make a significant impact in line with net zero targets.”

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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