Finalists announced in contest to reimagine Brooklyn Bridge

15 July 2020
  • BIG + ARUP
  • Pilot Projects Design Collective, Cities4Forests, Wildlife Conservation Society, Grimshaw and Silman
  • ScenesLab + Minzi Long + Andrew Nash



New York, NY

United States

Six teams selected to take part in design showdown event

The Van Alen Institute and New York City Council have announced the finalists through to the next stage of the international competition to reimagine Brooklyn Bridge. The contest was launched to spark a new conversation concerning ways to improve the New York's infrastructure, focussing on the iconic bridge as a testing ground for designs that best serve the community. The jury chose six designs that they thought offered the most compelling and optimistic set of ideas for responsive short-term interventions and longer-term, large-scale reconfigurations.

The finalists in the professional category are:
ScenesLab + Minzi Long + Andrew Nash
Pilot Projects Design Collective, Cities4Forests, Wildlife Conservation Society, Grimshaw and Silman; New York and Montreal

The finalists in the young adult category are: 
Lukas Kugler
Aubrey Bader and Maggie Redding
Shannon Hui, Kwans Kim, and Yujin Kim

Since opening in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge has taken on near-mythic significance in New York City, but its popularity comes at a cost. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, at peak hours the promenade was crammed, uncomfortable, and sometimes unsafe. The contest challenged participants to rethink the walkway, foster equitable, accessible, and sustainable transportation options, create a healthy and safe environment for all New Yorkers, and provide opportunities for small businesses and vendors to flourish.

The finalist teams are now working with Van Alen, the New York City Council, local stakeholders, and civic institutions to refine their proposals before the competition’s public Design Showdown on 23rd July. During the event, the public and the competition jury will have the chance to offer feedback and criticism for the teams.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

This competition was first published by TenderStream on 12.02.2020 here

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