Ground-breaking ceremony takes place for Czech university transformation

12 March 2024
Credit: Bogle Architects
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Hradec Kralove

Czech Republic

Bogle Architects create modern faculties for medical education & research

The ground-breaking ceremony has taken place for Faculty Of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine transformation at Charles University in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, with attendees including the Czech prime minister and the minister for education. Designed by Tenderstream member Bogle Architects, the MEPHARED 2 project on the 3 ha campus includes 60,000 sq m of modern spaces designed for medical education and research. 

The initiative is tailored to serve a diverse community of 2,500 students and 700 staff across the medicine and pharmacy faculties. The plan features six auditoriums - the largest accommodating up to 350 people - in order to foster an environment for collaborative learning. The facility includes 15 departments equipped with offices, classrooms, and various laboratories, covering essential fields such as microscopy, cryopreservation, radioisotope research, and more. 

To optimize space, an underground car park spanning 9,000 sq m has been incorporated to ensure convenient parking for all. The public realm is designed to encourage use of the external environment for users’ wellbeing and includes a significant tree planting strategy and natural water features. 

The project's goals extend beyond physical infrastructure, aiming to make the faculty an innovation hub and a model for educational excellence. Aligned with global objectives, the project seeks to significantly contribute to the growth of qualified human resources. This involves enhancing research and development in medicine, pharmacy, and biomedical sciences, as well as improving healthcare for residents of the Czech Republic.

At the ceremony, Jaroslav Roh, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University, stated: "At this moment, the dreams of generations of pharmacists, employees of our faculty have come true, and I believe that the campus will really bring us adequate modern spaces for the development of teaching, science and other socially beneficial activities, all in close cooperation with our sister Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové.”

Students and researchers will be welcomed by the new campus from the 2026/2027 academic year.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

This tender was first published by Tenderstream on 16.09.2022 here

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