IDOM create innovative park-and-ride facility

13 April 2021
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New hub forms key part of Nantes transport strategy

IDOM have completed an innovative park-and-ride facility located near Nantes in Bouguenais, France, which forms a key part of the city’s strategy to improve the local transport network. As winners of an open competition for the transport hub, IDOM responded to the design challenge to integrate a busy multi-storey car park into an area characterised by high-quality green spaces and low density housing. 

The complex consists of a multi-storey park-and-ride facility, together with an intermodal bus and tram station. The project scope includes all architectural and engineering services, as well as urban development and signage. Keeping in mind the goal to blend the hub seamlessly into the surrounding area, IDOM created landscaped courtyards as part of the façade design. The courtyards coincide with the vertical communication cores, contributing to the overall strategy to break up the volume of the building and improve user experience.

The main building achieves lightness in its envelope through the use of perforated metal sheet slats, which have a curved outline at both ends. The access area is housed at one end, while the other contains a double helicoidal ramp designed to organise the vertical flow of cars. The project pays special attention to flow control, in order to avoid crossings between pedestrians and vehicles, or between buses and private cars. A flexible access system changes depending on the time of day, with three auto lanes that can switch configuration to allow either one or two incoming lanes.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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