Lush landscape completed for new neighbourhood in Køge

1 February 2023
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SLA create sustainable & liveable design features on former industrial site

Back in 2009, Tenderstream published a call for designs to transform a former industrial port and railway area in Køge, Denmark. We’re pleased to hear the latest news on the project, as Tendestream member SLA - who contributed to the winning development plan - has now announced the official opening of the area’s green commons. The lush landscaping serves to characterise the entire Søndre Havn district – Køge Kyst’s first, new neighbourhood – and plays a central role in the plan’s aim to unite resilience and liveability.

The semi-public commons is an informal framework for the residents to meet, play and be active, while also serving to collect rainwater runoff that creates a winding waterway throughout the site. An elevated promenade around Søndre Havn provides a recreational amenity that also acts as a tidal dike, mitigating the risk from flooding. The promenade planting draws its inspiration from local salt meadows and coastal vegetation, while the planting in the commons is inspired by the woodland found along Denmark’s east-facing coasts.

To create varied and eventful routes, bushes, trees, and low-cut grasses are laid out in an organically organized plan. The combination of multi-stemmed trees and ground cover gives a natural character, while robust, long-lived, and stable plants ensure low maintenance. The species were chosen to serve as a habitat for a magnitude of insects and animals, creating a variety of sensuous experiences over the year: in the spring, there are white daffodils, while yarrows appear in summer, with red leaves making an appearance in autumn. Berry bushes, fragrant flowers, and trees with colourful foliage are situated next to the district’s houses.

Architecturally, SLA envision the wide promenade to serve as a connection to the surrounding natural landscape, sea, and harbour. Along its south-facing edges are stairs and recreational spaces where the local residents and visitors can enjoy the sun or access footpaths across the large salt meadow. In the coming years, the promenade will extend to Køge’s harbourfront, from where it will be possible access the beach, walk alongside remaines of the site’s industrial heritage, and enjoy views of the Øresund strait.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

This tender was first published by Tenderstream on 13.11.2009 here

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