MicroHousing contest winners revealed

11 February 2020
Credit: First Prize: Abhinav Prasoon/Siddarth Mahadevan/Reena Gaikwad
  • First Prize: Abhinav Prasoon/Siddarth Mahadevan/Reena Gaikwad
  • Second Prize: Justin Jed  Zumel/Shuang Ding/Manuchet Chaiyo
  • Third Prize: Siraphop Pulsri/Thanasuan Chatmawong/Manuchet Chaiyo





Innovative solutions proposed for urban “space crunch”

Volume Zero has announced the results for its MicroHousing Architecture Competition 2019, which challenged participants to come up with inventive solutions to solve the persistent problem of ‘space crunch’ in cities. The brief asked architects for designs that would provide ideal housing to as many people as possible. The top three winners were awarded total prize money of $4000, while ten entries received honourable mentions. 

First place went to Abhinav Prasoon, Siddarth Mahadevan and Reena Gaikwad from Mumbai, India, who proposed a modern solution that allows a house to grow within a given space. Called “Add to Cart”, the concept is based on a design module that can be bought and assembled on the existing structural system, like a kit of parts. This flexibility allows for customisation in response to the changing requirements of the occupants as they progress through various life stages.

In second place, Justin Jed  Zumel, Shuang Ding, Manuchet Chaiyo from Dallas, USA, suggested using sachets as cladding in order to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in landfills and oceans, with sustainable bamboo used as a construction material. The design taking third place, by Siraphop Pulsri, Thanasuan Chatmawong, Manuchet Chaiyo from Sai Mai, Thailand, envisioned a solution to high-rises that are built next to old buildings, separating working space and living space. Instead, they proposed a structure that will connect shops, houses and mass transportation systems

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

This competition was first published by TenderStream on 26.06.2019 here

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