Shortlist selected for Ottawa central library

24 April 2018
Credit: Ottawa Public Library
  • Ottawa Public Library

Bing Thom/GRC/Diamond Schmitt/KWC/Mecanoo/NORR/Patkau/MSDL/Schmidt Hammer Lassen/KPMB/Hobin




Plans move forward for innovative new facility

A new milestone has been achieved in the project to create a new central library and archive facility for Ottawa. Following the Request for Qualifications process for professional design services, initiated in May 2017, a shortlist of five has been selected from 33 submissions. As a requirement in the RFQ, the shortlisted teams demonstrate a proven track record in design excellence for projects of a similar size, scope and complexity, with relevant experience in buildings of civic importance.

The teams invited to participate in the subsequent Request for Proposals process are as follows:
• Bing Thom Architects (Canada) – GRC Architects (Canada)
• Diamond Schmitt Architects (Canada) - KWC Architects (Canada)
• Mecanoo International b.v. (Holland) - NORR Architects & Engineers Ltd (Canada)
• Patkau Architects (Canada) - MSDL Architects (Canada) – GRC Architects (Canada)
• Schmidt/hammer/lassen/architects (Denmark) - KPMB Architects (Canada) - Hobin Architecture Inc. (Canada)

The city authorities plan to create an iconic structure serving as a city-wide service, a local branch and a destination, and expect the final designs to take inspiration from the possibilities offered by technological developments. Their scenario for a typical library user’s experience includes references to virtual navigation, the ability to reserve books by taking a phone snapshot, 3D printing facilities, and seminars set up for webcasting to subscribers. 

The design development work will begin when a team is selected from the shortlist, with broad public consultation expected as an integral part of the design process. Completion is anticipated during 2022.

Lucy Nordberg

TenderStream Research Specialist & Editor

This Request for Qualifications was first published by Tenderstream on 23.05.2017 here

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