Sky Green development completes in Taichung

12 December 2019
  • Koumin Lee



WOHA bring natural green space to high-rise living

WOHA has announced the completion of the Sky Green mixed-use development in Taichung, Taiwan. The developer Golden Jade, with Feng Chia University as an advisor, commissioned WOHA to design a green and sustainable development in the heart of the city. The first of its kind in Taichung, Sky Green consists of two towers containing residential apartments and retail shops, as well as recreational facilities. 

The scheme results from a government initiative to draft new regulations for future developments that would make Taichung a greener, more liveable city. In 2012, WOHA was invited by the Taichung City Government and Feng Chia University to bring its exhibition “Breathing Architecture” to Taichung. This exhibition was part of the Gateway Project Masterplan, which focused on the design principles of sustainability, low carbon emissions and smart cities.

In the resulting commission, green landscaping was used as an attractive material for the building envelope of the residential towers, as well providing an opportunity to bring nature into the urban space. Tower A apartments have extended balconies with trees, while Tower B apartments have a soft, green creeper mesh screen across the facades. Sky gardens on every five floors within the block allow residents access to greenery and fresh air in the high-rise environment. The design was adapted to suit the local culture and subtropical climate, while ensuring safety during earthquakes and typhoons.

“We are very happy to have been a part of this collaboration between policy makers, academia and the private sector to design the future of sustainable housing in Taichung,” says Mun Summ Wong, founding director of WOHA. “One building can’t change a city but we hope that Sky Green is the first of many more.”

Lucy Nordberg
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