Steven Chilton Architects reveal visuals for Guangzhou Yue Show Theatre

21 October 2020
Credit: Steven Chilton Architects
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Silk road inspires design for curved façade

Steven Chilton Architects has released visuals revealing the firm’s design for Guangzhou Yue Show Theatre, which is currently under construction in the Huadu District of Guangzhou, China. The 2000-seat theatre will house a permanent water show created by Belgian theatre director, Franco Dragone, while also hosting performances presented by visiting companies.

The design concept was inspired by the properties of Chinese silk, a fabric whose history has a strong connection to the location. Guangzhou is the birth place of the Silk Road on the sea and has been one of the most important trading ports since the Qin/Han Dynasty. The building’s appearance is composed from ten gently curving and twisting folds that evoke the drape and texture of a silk scarf. Entrances are formed by seamless continuation of the outer skin as it ‘tucks’ into itself at ground level. The inset walls of the various entrances are protected by natural canopies, which overhang and fold in to meet and define their outer edges.

The rain screen cladding surface is formed from flat and single curved panels of perforated anodized aluminium, supported on a network of painted steel rails. The anodized coating lends itself to mimicking the sheen and lustre of real silk, with a dominant red colour giving richness and depth through the use of a variety of shades and textures. Surface folds are emphasized by darker hues on downward facing areas that fall into shadow as the sun rises. In contrast, the south facing area of cladding is covered in predominantly gold coloured anodised aluminium panels, helping to reflect heat away from the building where the sun’s impact is strongest. This pairing of red and gold alludes to the classic colour combination found in modern and historic silk garments.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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