Winners announced for Dresden city headquarters

26 April 2021
Credit: Barcode Architects
  • Barcode Architects
  • Barcode Architects

Barcode Architects/Tchoban Voss Architekten

Barcode Architects




Progress on urban transformation with new administrative centre

Barcode Architects and Tchoban Voss Architekten have been selected as winners of the design competition to create new city headquarters for Dresden, Germany. The 34,000 sq m 'Verwaltungszentrum' will be sited in a prominent location, forming part of a larger urban transformation of the surrounding square. Barcode Architects also created the 120,000 sq m mixed-use masterplan for the area, which is situated on the edge of the historic city centre. 

The designers sought to create a building that appears inviting from all sides, with three urban windows carved from the central volume. The opening at the Ferdinandplatz establishes a relationship with the square, while the window to the north provides a panoramic view and connects to the monumental City Hall. A patio faces the Grosser Garten, highlighting the city’s green spaces. 

From the Ferdinandplatz, citizens enter the building through an open foyer, which accommodates the main reception area, restaurant and public facilities. One of two staircases leading to the first floor will act as a presentation podium, where events can take place with views out over the square. The first floor level holds the public conference centre, while the upper floors contain office spaces organised around two open patio gardens enclosing a central core.

The natural stone façade mediates between the identity of the historical city centre and contemporary ambitions. Floor-to-ceiling windows unveil warm, wooden interiors and large green walls to the outside world. Dirk Peters, partner of Barode Architects, stated: “It is a design with a special identity that strengthens our focus and future role in Germany. The cooperation with Tchoban Voss Architekten, who are based in Dresden, is natural and shows that the combination of international design and German expertise can lead to a strong and impressive result.”

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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