09/02/2009 Tender Architectural services for civil/environmental design Civic buildings
/ Sustainability
  United States Seattle     10/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Rehabilitation of 5 high-rise blocks of 15 storeys Tall buildings   Denmark Copenhagen     26/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Highway re-construction and expansion Transport   Germany Freiburg im Breisgau     15/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Conversion of school to new town hall Civic buildings   Germany Nalbach     16/02/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Expansion, refurbishment and renovation of the national school Education   Germany Bamberg     16/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender New Sports Forum - Roosendaal Sports   Netherlands Roosendaal     05/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender The Bergen market-open design contest Urban design   Norway Bergen     17/04/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Expansion of the Anders Madsensgt block Residential   Norway Tonsberg     18/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Architect services - Renovation of the Eidsvoll building Civic buildings   Norway Oslo     24/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Drafting of blueprint for the construction of the Centro de Salud "La Magdalena" Healthcare   Spain Valladolid     20/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Drafting and project management work on school Education   Spain Valencia     30/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Pavilion Dance Centre - Bournemouth Arts & leisure   United Kingdom Bournemouth     06/04/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Architectural Consultancy Services for Housing Development Works Residential   United Kingdom Edinburgh     18/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Robert Burns Birthplace Project - Clerk of Works Arts & leisure
/ Landscape
  United Kingdom Edinburgh     16/02/2009
09/02/2009 Pre-tender Developer Partner: Proposed mixed use development Offices/Commercial
/ Retail
/ Transport
  United Kingdom Dundee     16/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Leading property group invites consulting agencies to tender Conservation
/ Hotels
/ Offices/Commercial
/ Residential
/ Retail
  Hong Kong Hong Kong     09/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Design and build of bank offices Offices/Commercial   India Patiala     16/03/2009
09/02/2009 Tender Design & construct multiple components at army barracks Civic buildings   Australia Sydney     17/03/2009
06/02/2009 Tender Request for design-build proposal for hospital Healthcare   Canada Vancouver     11/03/2009
06/02/2009 Tender Interior Design Consulting Services for school Education
/ Interiors
  Canada Alberta     26/02/2009
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