11/03/2009 Tender Architectural designs for new community centre Civic buildings   Germany Kernen im Remstal     27/04/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Architectural and civil designs for underground upgrading Transport   Germany Munich     28/04/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Architectural services: Conversion and extension of theatre centre Arts & leisure   Germany Reutlingen     09/04/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Architectural / urban designs for interactive exhibition history centre Arts & leisure
/ Education
/ Urban design
  Poland Poznan     31/03/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Architectural and urban concepts for historical centre communication facility Arts & leisure   Poland Szczecin     24/04/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Urban design of city centre and surrounding areas Urban design   Portugal Evora     27/04/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Architectural designs for open Forum 2009: Choice in Future Arts & leisure   Portugal Lisbon     19/03/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Architectural design for new university hospital Healthcare   Sweden Uppsala     29/04/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Design for Police firearms training facility Offices/Commercial   United Kingdom Gateshead     18/05/2009
11/03/2009 Competition New Students' Centre Design Competition: London School of Economics Education   United Kingdom London     31/03/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Design and planning regeneration of area in Westminster Master planning
/ Urban design
  United Kingdom London     22/04/2009
11/03/2009 Tender Design for a new public square Urban design   United Kingdom Nottingham     08/04/2009
11/03/2009 Design + Build Design + Build Contractor: New law school building Education   United Kingdom Hatfield     15/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Pedestrian and bicycle master plan Landscape
/ Master planning
  Canada Ajax     24/03/2009
10/03/2009 Tender 2009 Laneway Upgrade Design Transport   Canada Richmond, BC     26/03/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Expand Mental Health and Managed Care Clinics Project Healthcare   United States Baltimore     21/03/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Rehabilitation and extension of municipal conservatory Arts & leisure
/ Civic buildings
  France Paris     15/04/2009
10/03/2009 Competition Project manage college restructuring Education   France Pau     06/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Project Manager for rehabilitation of 162 housing units Residential   France Arcueil     06/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Project management: Operation of canal modernization Infrastructure   France Lille     24/04/2009
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