10/03/2009 Tender Planning for new multi-purpose hall Civic buildings   Germany Kressbronn am Bodensee     03/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Project planning: Construction of university lab and lab building Education   Germany Bayreuth     23/03/2009
10/03/2009 Design + Build Design team for new art gallery in Kilkenny Arts & leisure   Ireland Kilkenny     16/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Planning, preliminary, final design and implementation: Nursery and kindergarten Education   Italy Bolzano     20/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Modernization and reconstruction of superstructure office building Offices/Commercial   Poland Warsaw     16/03/2009
10/03/2009 Design + Build Execution of design documentation - Police Station renovation Civic buildings   Poland Wroclaw     17/03/2009
10/03/2009 Design + Build Contractor Framework: Construction of new and refurbished schools Education   United Kingdom London     15/04/2009
10/03/2009 Design + Build Management of development works: Model Farm Live/Work Project Offices/Commercial   United Kingdom Hereford     25/03/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Conversion of theatre into activity centre Arts & leisure   Hong Kong Queensway     17/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Design and consultancy services for the construction of dormitory building Residential   Philippines Cebu     01/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Feasibility studies for construction of new public market Urban design   Philippines Davao Del Sur     30/03/2009
10/03/2009 Tender New gymnasium for high school – design consultancy Education
/ Sports
  Australia Alice Springs     25/03/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Architect for five year primary school contract Education   New Zealand Manurewa, Aukland     03/04/2009
10/03/2009 Tender Design, consultant services and supervision for new headquarters Offices/Commercial   Qatar Doha     19/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Consulting Services for housing authority Residential   Canada Manitoba     17/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender College master plan for campus reconstruction Education
/ Master planning
  Canada Sault Ste. Marie, ON     27/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Architectural / interior design consulting services for new office space Offices/Commercial   Canada Alberta     26/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Architectural services to design law enforcement facility Offices/Commercial   United States San Juan, New Mexico     17/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Redevelopment of square and cathedral area Urban design   France Chartres     07/04/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Project management - Restructuring of college Education   France Bordeaux     09/04/2009
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