09/03/2009 Tender Project management: Reconstruction of College Education   France Bobigny     03/04/2009
09/03/2009 Tender School Renovation - Emmendingen Education   Germany Emmendingen     20/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Architectural services for school alterations Education   Germany Brunswick     24/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Planning services for the new Belgrad street - Munich Residential
/ Transport
/ Urban design
  Germany Munich     14/04/2009
09/03/2009 Design + Build Design and build: Office accommodation for Defence Force Offices/Commercial   Ireland Dublin     16/04/2009
09/03/2009 Design + Build Design and implementation for completion of hospital Healthcare   Italy Rome     29/05/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Rehabilitation of urban square to include 5-star hotel Hotels
/ Urban design
  Italy Ragusa     08/05/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Project manage residential build/reconstuction projects Residential   Spain Madrid     06/04/2009
09/03/2009 Design + Build Contractor: Three leisure facilities imprevement works Arts & leisure
/ Sports
  United Kingdom Oxford     06/04/2009
09/03/2009 Design + Build Design supply and construction of Campus Redevelopment Education   United Kingdom Prescot     14/04/2009
09/03/2009 Pre-tender Developer Partner: Pleasley Hill Regeneration Scheme Urban design   United Kingdom Mansfield     17/04/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Architectural & structural consultancy services for regional sports complex Sports   India Kausa     26/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Architectural services – Performing Arts Centre Arts & leisure   Australia West Perth     31/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender School Science Laboratory Upgrade - Design Consultancy Education   Australia Darwin     01/04/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Consultancy services for preparation of strategic urban development Urban design   Kenya Nairobi     16/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Consulting services: Plan and design dermatology clinic Healthcare   Qatar Doha     17/03/2009
09/03/2009 Tender Consulting Services for park development Landscape   Qatar Doha     22/03/2009
06/03/2009 Tender Architectural Services for recreation facility (Field House) Civic buildings   Canada Rockwood, Ontario     20/03/2009
06/03/2009 Tender Aquatic Center is seeking RFP from consultants & design team Arts & leisure   Canada Langley, BC     17/03/2009
06/03/2009 Design + Build Design-Build of Multiplex sports center Sports   Canada Town of Grimshaw     17/03/2009
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