27/02/2009 Tender Landscape architectural services for park plan Landscape   Canada Saanich     10/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Planning, detailed design services for Multi-way trail systems Landscape   Canada Leduc, Alberta     12/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Design services for operations buildings Offices/Commercial   Canada Alberta     17/03/2009
27/02/2009 Design + Build Design and build public works shop and offices Offices/Commercial
/ Retail
  Canada Barrhead     31/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Natural resource area property master plan Master planning   United States Wisconsin     06/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender RFQ for providing professional architectural services for airport project Transport   United States Myrtle Beach South Carolina     03/03/2009
27/02/2009 Design + Build Design and build team for state of the art courthouse Civic buildings   United States Connecticut     12/03/2009
27/02/2009 Design + Build Design and build institutional facility for female juveniles Civic buildings   United States Connecticut     19/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Planning of development services for city area Infrastructure
/ Urban design
  Germany Bitterfeld-Wolfen     03/04/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Design for urban renewal program Residential
/ Urban design
  Italy Erice     06/04/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Architectural concept for Faculty of Social Sciences Education   Poland Czestochowa     19/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Design team for new build training center Education
/ Landscape
  United Kingdom Aberdeen     30/03/2009
27/02/2009 Design + Build Administrative centre redevelopment or re-build Offices/Commercial   United Kingdom Manchester     27/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Architectural design services - office design Offices/Commercial   United Kingdom London     06/04/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Preliminary designs/project management for Ministry of Justice Headquarters Civic buildings   Afghanistan Kabul     20/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Major projects in development, including infrastructure and urban design Infrastructure
/ Transport
/ Urban design
  China Guangzhou     26/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Preliminary design for International Airport Transport   Hong Kong Hong Kong     26/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Structural design layout plan from consultants, architects and contractors Healthcare
/ Offices/Commercial
  Pakistan Ladkana     10/03/2009
27/02/2009 Design + Build Quotation for design & build works for proposed business enterprise centre Education   Singapore Singapore     11/03/2009
27/02/2009 Tender Regional and Local Development Project Urban design   Jordan Amman     17/03/2009
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