26/02/2009 Tender Prequalification for passenger ferry terminal development Transport   Anguilla The Valley Anguilla, British West Indies     27/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Architect / Prime Consultant Services for campus project Education   Canada Abbotsford, BC     20/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Consulting and design services for hall of residences Education
/ Residential
  Canada Halifax, NS     12/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Design teams wanted for Navy Monument Landscape   Canada Ottawa     04/05/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Student Residence-Design Education
/ Residential
  Canada Ottawa     10/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Architectural services for city parks Landscape   Canada Toronto     23/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Infrastructure & urban development services for city and surrounding area Infrastructure
/ Urban design
  Canada Ottawa     17/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Architectural design services: Multi-use community recreation complex Civic buildings   Canada Ajax     24/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Landscape architectural services for Southwest Regional Park Landscape   United States Texas     18/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Rehabilitation of Union Station Transport   United States Goldsboro, North Carolina     17/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Renovation of fire station for art and music installation Arts & leisure   Belgium Brussels     07/04/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Framework: Architectural Support for multiple university maintenance/rebuilding Education   Denmark Copenhagen     27/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Rehabilitation and extension of nursery school Education   France Valenton     27/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Rehabilitation and extension of shooting range Landscape
/ Sports
  France Bully-les-Mines     03/04/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Project management - Restructuring of 255 room residences Residential   France Paris     06/04/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Planning services: Construction of secondary school Education   Germany Belzig     08/04/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Outline development control plan for university hospital campus Education
/ Healthcare
  Ireland Naas     26/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Architect Selection multifunctional accommodation - Rotterdam Residential   Netherlands Rotterdam     02/04/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Expansion of graveyard design contest Landscape
/ Religion
  Norway Trondheim     16/03/2009
26/02/2009 Tender Modernization and expansion of museum buildings Arts & leisure
/ Civic buildings
  Poland Legnica     27/03/2009
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