21/11/2008 Tender Architectural planning services for residential project Residential   Sweden Stockholm     18/12/2008
21/11/2008 Tender Architectural design services for redevelopment of hospital units for Cambridge University Healthcare   United Kingdom Cambridge     05/12/2008
21/11/2008 Competition International design competition for the Golden Square, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham Urban design   United Kingdom Birmingham     19/12/2008
21/11/2008 Tender Outpatients Department Healthcare   United Kingdom Birmingham     09/01/2009
21/11/2008 Tender Architectural design team for Research Campus, Cambridge Education   United Kingdom Swindon     16/01/2009
21/11/2008 Tender Framework agreement for architectural and engineering design services Education   United Kingdom Nottingham     31/12/2008
20/11/2008 Tender Master Program Update and Functional Program Service for St. Michael's Hospital Healthcare   Canada Toronto     12/12/2008
20/11/2008 Tender Architectural Consultant For the construction of a women’s shelter Healthcare   Canada Ontario     01/12/2008
20/11/2008 Tender Architectural services for Civic Centre extension Civic buildings   Canada North Vancouver     17/12/2008
20/11/2008 Competition HH Richardson Library Expansion 'Ideas' Competition Civic buildings   United States Woburn, Massachusetts     23/01/2009
20/11/2008 Tender Design and build of new buildings at Marine Aquaculture Research Station Education   Cyprus Nicosia     23/01/2009
20/11/2008 Tender Architectural and landscaping services for town & harbour works Civic buildings
/ Hotels
/ Industrial
/ Infrastructure
/ Master planning
/ Offices/Commercial
/ Transport
  Denmark Copenhagen     06/01/2009
20/11/2008 Tender Design and build of 8 highways, Finland Transport   Finland Vaasa     17/12/2008
20/11/2008 Tender Design and project management for 24 apartments Residential   France Lyon     19/12/2008
20/11/2008 Tender Restructuring and rehabilitation of health units Healthcare   France Pfastatt     12/12/2008
20/11/2008 Tender Design and project management services for library rehabilitation Civic buildings   France Lille     05/01/2009
20/11/2008 Tender Design and build of residential homes for the elderly Residential   France Auxerre     22/12/2008
20/11/2008 Tender International design competition for new offices Offices/Commercial   Italy Bergamo     19/01/2009
20/11/2008 Tender Architectural design services for hospital units Healthcare   Poland Sosnowiec     06/01/2009
20/11/2008 Tender A framework agreement for a landscape consultant Landscape   Sweden Enkopings     06/02/2009
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