19/11/2008 Tender Tender for the designs on behalf of the Rwandan Office of Tourism and National Parks Landscape   Rwanda Kinigi     15/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Landscape Architectural Consulting Services for Angus Glen Community Park Landscape   Canada Town of Markham     05/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Architectural services for the design and construction of exterior of University Hall Education   Canada Lethbridge, Alberta     05/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Suncor Energy Industrial Campus (SEIC) Housing Project Education
/ Residential
  Canada Fort McMurray, Alberta     08/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Request for proposals from architectural design firms to conduct a space needs assessment and design new facilities various for the City’s Electric Department. Civic buildings   United States Griffin, Georgia     17/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender The design, construction, maintenance and dismantling of Belgian pavilion for the Shanghai Expo 2010 Arts & leisure
/ Interiors
  Belgium Brussels     08/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Project management for the design and implementation of 60 rental social housing Residential   France Montpellier     12/01/2009
18/11/2008 Tender Design and restructuring of Pierre de Ronsard college Education   France Blois     18/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Rehabilitation of dam on the Rahin, Netherlands Infrastructure
/ Landscape
/ Transport
  France Strasbourg     23/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Design and construction of swimming complex Arts & leisure
/ Sports
  France Morzine     08/01/2009
18/11/2008 Tender Urban design and landscaping work in the town of Massy Landscape
/ Urban design
  France Massy     15/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Planning and renovation services for University Education   Germany Aachen     06/01/2009
18/11/2008 Tender Planning and design services for the construction of a Medical Centre Healthcare   Germany Munich     22/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Design project for pre-school institute building Education   Latvia Carnikava     08/01/2009
18/11/2008 Tender Designs for collective apartment buildings Residential   Macedonia Skopje     05/01/2009
18/11/2008 Tender Architectural and interior consultancy services for offices Interiors
/ Offices/Commercial
  Norway Stavanger     15/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Designs and construction for upgrade of stadium Sports   Poland Zabrze     29/12/2008
18/11/2008 Tender Consulting services for interior design of court facilities Civic buildings
/ Interiors
  Sweden Jonkoping     16/12/2008
18/11/2008 Competition Design competition for National Wildflower Centre Offices/Commercial   United Kingdom Leeds     07/01/2009
18/11/2008 Tender Bank renovation Offices/Commercial   India Udaipur     25/11/2008
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