20/10/2008 Tender Studies for new tram line from the central station in Brussels Transport   Belgium Brussels     21/11/2008
20/10/2008 Tender Designs for new fire station, Brussels Civic buildings   Belgium Duffel     26/11/2008
20/10/2008 Tender Urban planning and landscape architectural services for urban sports facility Sports   Belgium Lommel     08/12/2008
20/10/2008 Tender Architectural services for Tipperary Technology Park Education   Ireland Shannon     24/11/2008
20/10/2008 Tender UK-Manchester: sport-city destination leisure and tourism attraction Arts & leisure
/ Retail
/ Sports
  United Kingdom Manchester     17/11/2008
20/10/2008 Tender Architectural services for student accommodation – Kingston University Residential   United Kingdom Kingston, Surrey     27/10/2008
17/10/2008 Tender Designs for bridge and highway reconstruction Transport   Canada Ontario     05/11/2008
17/10/2008 Tender Design services for school and new international athletic facility Education   Canada British Columbia     06/11/2008
17/10/2008 Tender Designs for new service centre for Energy Company Offices/Commercial   Canada County of Prince Edward     29/10/2008
17/10/2008 Competition Art rocks! Bus Shelter Design Competition for Athens, GA Arts & leisure
/ Transport
  United States Athens, Georgia     12/12/2008
17/10/2008 Tender Designs for retirement housing and day-care centre extension Residential   Belgium Stekene     11/12/2008
17/10/2008 Tender Architectural services for volunteer and charity unit Offices/Commercial   France Angers     20/11/2008
17/10/2008 Tender Project management for design and build of swimming complex Sports   France Pizancon     20/11/2008
17/10/2008 Tender Feasibility study on rejuvenation of the Kauffmann Mill in Mannheim Arts & leisure   Germany Mannheim     24/10/2008
17/10/2008 Award Biennial Barbara Cappochin Prize 2009 Arts & leisure
/ Civic buildings
/ Education
/ Healthcare
/ Landscape
/ Offices/Commercial
/ Residential
/ Sports
  Italy Selvazzano Dentro     30/06/2009
17/10/2008 Tender Architectural design services for non-domestic premises Education   Lithuania Laipedos     15/12/2008
17/10/2008 Competition Wellesley Road and Park Lane, Croydon International Urban Design Competition Urban design   United Kingdom Croyden     18/03/2009
16/10/2008 Tender Creation of a new tram line and redevelopment of public space Transport   Belgium Brussels     28/11/2008
16/10/2008 Tender Architectural services for residential complex, Brussels Residential   Belgium Brussels     10/12/2008
16/10/2008 Tender Design of 19 new homes Residential   Denmark Charlottenlund     13/11/2008
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