30/07/2008 Tender Restoration and renovation of old church
/ Conservation
  Portugal Lisbon     04/09/2008
30/07/2008 Tender Derilict factory up for new build   Portugal Alenquer     27/10/2008
30/07/2008 Competition Design Competition for regeneration of Redcar's Seafront Landscape   United Kingdom Leeds     27/08/2008
30/07/2008 Tender Design services for new resarch facitlity Education   United Kingdom Aberdeen     18/09/2008
30/07/2008 Competition Design services for Healthy Living Centre Healthcare   United Kingdom Edinburgh     25/08/2008
29/07/2008 Award Urban Design competition Urban design   Heidelberg     29/08/2008
29/07/2008 Competition Architectural Design Competition for landscape design and object. Landscape   Austria Vienna     02/10/2008
29/07/2008 Competition Competition for child care centre Education
/ Healthcare
  Austria Maria Enzersdorf     01/09/2008
29/07/2008 Award Renovation of commune and administrative building   France Marne-la-Vallée     12/09/2008
29/07/2008 Tender Roads and underground networks reconstruction Transport   France Massy     15/09/2008
29/07/2008 Competition Resructuring school competition Education   France Le Pian Médoc     26/09/2008
29/07/2008 Tender Road reconstruction Transport   France Lens     05/09/2008
29/07/2008 Tender Housing renovation Residential   France Lyon     15/09/2008
29/07/2008 Tender Renovation of apartements Residential   France Paris     10/10/2008
29/07/2008 Tender Construction of new hospital Healthcare   France Orleans     08/09/2008
29/07/2008 Tender Reconstruction of conference centre   Poland Kolobrzeg, Kasprowicz     29/08/2008
29/07/2008 Competition Urban planning competition Urban design   Poland Wrocław     20/08/2008
29/07/2008 Competition Design competition for pool complex Sports   Portugal Marinha Grande     27/10/2008
29/07/2008 Competition Renovation of old ceramic factory Arts & leisure   Portugal Arganil     18/08/2008
29/07/2008 Competition Science museum design competition Arts & leisure   Portugal Coimbra     01/10/2008
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