14/04/2009 Tender Architect Planning Consultant, Coordinator and landscape Landscape   France Rambouillet     05/06/2009
14/04/2009 Project Management Design and build old age home and children's home Residential   France Nantes     02/06/2009
14/04/2009 Project Management Infrastructure, facilities and systems for implementing Project Transport Est-Ouest Infrastructure
/ Transport
  France Saint-Brieuc     27/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Improvement of 197 individual dwellings Residential   France Paris     01/06/2009
14/04/2009 Project Management Restructuring of administrative offices and former rectory Education
/ Offices/Commercial
  France Echenoz-la-Méline     18/05/2009
14/04/2009 Project Management Rehabilitation of 219 housing units Residential   France Paris     11/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Planning services for new subway line Transport   Germany Berlin     07/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Architectural services for institute extension Education   Germany Jena     07/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Design Competition - Urban planning ideas Urban design   Germany Rottendorf     20/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Refurbishment of gymnasium Sports   Germany Wuppertal     28/04/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Rebuild central laboratory - UKSH Campus Healthcare   Germany Kiel     13/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Renovation and refurbishment of hospital Healthcare   Germany Berlin     08/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Architectural design of kindergarten Education   Hungary Budaörs     22/06/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Castle Visitors Centre Design Arts & leisure
/ Civic buildings
/ Conservation
  Ireland Westmeath     11/05/2009
14/04/2009 Design + Build Restructuring of theater Arts & leisure   Italy Legnano     27/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Building a group of municipal buildings Civic buildings
/ Infrastructure
  Poland Warsaw     20/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Planning new teaching and research facility Education   Poland Katowice     11/05/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Design Competition - New Facilities of the Institute for Innovation and Research Education
/ Healthcare
  Portugal Porto     06/06/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Design services for school campus Education   Romania Trusesti     02/06/2009
14/04/2009 Tender Technical assistance contract for employment service offices projects Offices/Commercial   Spain Barcelona     18/05/2009
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