04/02/2009 Tender Architectural consultancy service for construction of corporate complex Offices/Commercial
/ Residential
  India New Delhi     27/02/2009
04/02/2009 Tender Design and build of existing 4th storey of EDB learning centre Education   Singapore Singapore     20/02/2009
04/02/2009 Tender Design, construction, operations and management of Next Gen Services Experience Centre Education   Singapore Singapore     09/04/2009
03/02/2009 Tender RFP - Neighbourhood Plan Urban Design Urban design   Canada Coquitlam, BC     20/02/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Seismic upgrade of Elementary School Education   Canada Burnaby, B.C.     26/02/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Planning services for civil/military projects Civic buildings
/ Offices/Commercial
  United States Seattle     06/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Master Architect for the Brussels - Capital Region Civic buildings
/ Master planning
  Belgium Brussels     10/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Project management - rehabilitation of buildings Residential   France Toulon     12/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Project management - rehabilitation of housing units Residential   France Toulon     12/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Management assistance for City of Science and Industry renovation plan Civic buildings   France Paris     25/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Restructuring and rehabilitation of technology area for college Education   France Epinal     05/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Framework Agreement for the provision of housing project management Residential   France La Roche-sur-Yon     11/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Design services for gym construction Sports   Germany Waldrach     09/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Landscape and Urban Design Services - Telsiai Landscape
/ Urban design
  Lithuania Telsiai     26/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Design and implementation - Development of real estate - Abcoude Residential   Netherlands Abcoude     13/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Design for the development of Urban Improvement Plan Urban design   Spain Valls     09/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Architectural services within Parliamentary Estate Civic buildings   Sweden Stockholm     12/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Castle regeneration project - York Civic buildings   United Kingdom York     27/03/2009
03/02/2009 Pre-tender Development Partner - design, build & finance new primary healthcare centre Education   United Kingdom Whitstable     27/03/2009
03/02/2009 Tender Schools Asset Management Plans (AMP) Condition Survey Education   United Kingdom Milton Keynes     04/03/2009
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