28/01/2009 Competition Design competition for new market building Civic buildings
/ Offices/Commercial
  Canada Toronto     17/02/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Design and build of new computer data center Offices/Commercial   Canada Northwest Territories     05/03/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Architectural services for library and child care facility Civic buildings
/ Education
  Canada Woodstock, Ontario     12/02/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Expression of Interest - Redevelopment of Campus Cafeteria Education   Canada Alberta     06/02/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Architectural Services - Rehabilitation of residential complex Residential   Canada Vancouver     12/02/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Rehabilitation of 67 individual dwellings Residential   France Saumur     26/02/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Development of Republic Square in Paris Infrastructure   France Paris     06/03/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Planning services for residential units Residential   Germany Munich     10/03/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Project Management of the works of 332 houses - Madrid Residential   Spain Madrid     23/02/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Listed building and park restoration project Conservation
/ Landscape
  United Kingdom Ebbw Vale     18/02/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Road works and planning - Bristol Transport   United Kingdom Bristol     03/03/2009
28/01/2009 Tender Architecture and Design Framework - Milton Keynes Civic buildings   United Kingdom Milton Keynes     25/02/2009
28/01/2009 Pre-tender Highway bypass - East Tamar Transport   Australia Tasmania     27/02/2009
27/01/2009 Tender Consulting services for the preparation of a master site plan Master planning   Canada Brampton, Ontario     13/02/2009
27/01/2009 Tender Design services for the replacement of bridge Transport   Canada Halifax     20/02/2009
27/01/2009 Tender Consulting Services - Multi-use recreational trail Landscape   Canada Kelowna     17/02/2009
27/01/2009 Tender Design and build of football stadium Sports   Austria St. Polten     05/03/2009
27/01/2009 Tender Project management for hospital renovation Healthcare   Belgium Brussels     20/03/2009
27/01/2009 Tender Overall plan for reconstruction of 674 homes Residential   Denmark Glostrup     27/02/2009
27/01/2009 Tender Reconstruction of municipal halls Civic buildings   France Deville-les-Rouen     06/03/2009
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