28/10/2008 Tender Project management program for construction of 36 rental units in Lille Residential   France Villeneuve d'Ascq     03/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Residential project seeks architectural services Residential   France Orleans     02/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Restricted competition for the design of home for the elderly Residential   France Perpignan     01/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Urban project management and operational planning for the town of Bruz Urban design   France Cesson Sevigne     25/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Design and project management of future house of technology Offices/Commercial   France Cancale     28/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Design and development of public spaces Urban design   France Saint-Nazaire     02/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Competitive tender for sports hall designs Sports   France Antibes     25/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Work for the extension and the restoration of a tax office, Paris Civic buildings   France Paris     05/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Architectural services for residential project Residential   France Villeneuve d'Ascq     19/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Contract for the designs and build of research centre Offices/Commercial   France Le Chesnay     28/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Restricted competition for the design of home for the disabled Residential   France Perpignan     01/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Architectural planning services for Berlin opera house reconstruction Arts & leisure   Germany Berlin     24/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Renovation of the Human Sciences Faculty Building for the University of Cologne Education   Germany Cologne     06/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Renovation of elementary school, Poppenhausen Education   Germany Poppenhausen     01/12/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Revitalisation of the town hall and surrounding area Civic buildings   Germany Neunburg vorm Wald     27/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Housing and community facilities extension for council of Heidenheim Residential   Germany Heidenheim     05/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Multi-supplier framework agreement with Irish Rail Transport   Ireland Dublin     24/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Urban design contest of new water front Urban design   Italy Syracuse     19/01/2009
28/10/2008 Tender Architectural design services for university and research centre Education   Netherlands Wageningen     09/12/2008
28/10/2008 Competition Open design contest for Hatlehol Church Religion   Norway Alesund     15/01/2009
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