11/11/2008 Tender Designs and project management for new residential project Residential   France Lyon     22/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Architectural services for the rehabilitation and extension of psychiatry ward Healthcare   France La Couronne     18/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Designs, demolition and construction for residential development in Poitiers Residential   France Poitiers     15/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Design for recreation centre and tourist accommodation Arts & leisure
/ Residential
  France Ardes-sur-Couze     12/12/2008
11/11/2008 Competition MIPIM Architectural review future project awards 2009 Arts & leisure
/ Hotels
/ Infrastructure
/ Master planning
/ Offices/Commercial
/ Retail
/ Sustainability
/ Tall buildings
/ Urban design
  France Cannes     21/11/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Project management for high school build Education   France Paris     15/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Preliminary study and planning proposals for residential and harbour project Residential
/ Transport
/ Urban design
  France Publier     05/01/2009
11/11/2008 Tender Architectural planning and engineering for 30 rental units Residential   France Clermont-Ferrand     15/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Designs for the development of the waterfront of the town Sainte-Maxime Landscape
/ Urban design
  France Sainte Maxime     15/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Digital radio network Bavaria building planning services Offices/Commercial   Germany Rosenheim     05/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Architectural services for NATO naval airfield simulator buildings Offices/Commercial   Germany Nienburg     09/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Reconstruction of Schwabing psychological Hospital Healthcare   Germany Haar     04/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Final design and implementation for multi-floor basement parking area with accommodation Residential
/ Transport
  Italy Turin     16/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Design and build of New-Tech Engineering and Technology in Agriculture centre Education   Poland Lublin     22/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Designs for the redevelopment of Royal Library annex, Stockholm Civic buildings   Sweden Stockholm     12/12/2008
11/11/2008 Tender Prospect place development Residential   United Kingdom Trowbridge     05/12/2008
10/11/2008 Tender San Fernando General Hospital extension Healthcare   Trinidad and Tobago San Fernando     18/12/2008
10/11/2008 Competition Woodstock Museum Architectural Competition for Deck & Promenade Arts & leisure   United States Woodstock, New York     31/12/2008
10/11/2008 Tender Restoration of elementary school Education   Austria Engerwitzdorf     12/12/2008
10/11/2008 Tender Architectural services for science park offices Offices/Commercial   Belgium Nivelles     19/12/2008
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