19/08/2008 Tender Design of a school Education   France Saint-Quentin     08/10/2008
19/08/2008 Tender Àrchitectural design of the tramway line of Luxembourg Infrastructure   Luxembourg Luxembourg     23/09/2008
19/08/2008 Tender Design of Hospital Healthcare   Romania Bucharest     25/09/2008
19/08/2008 Competition Flood Design Competition Residential   United Kingdom     19/09/2008
19/08/2008 Tender General needs housing scheme Residential   United Kingdom Belfast     22/09/2008
19/08/2008 Competition Competition to design City Transportation Interchange Infrastructure   United Kingdom n/a     29/08/2008
19/08/2008 Tender Interior design for library Civic buildings   United Kingdom Oxford     23/09/2008
19/08/2008 Competition School rebuild after earthquake Education   China Wenchuan     12/01/2009
18/08/2008 Tender Architecture and engineering of a pool Arts & leisure   France Le Puy-en-Velay     25/09/2008
18/08/2008 Tender Urban planning and engineering studies Urban design   France Melun     02/10/2008
18/08/2008 Tender Castle restoration preliminary design Conservation   Italy Aosta     08/10/2008
18/08/2008 Tender Development of new National road Transport   Norway Lillehammer     03/10/2008
18/08/2008 Tender School and Dental practice project Education
/ Healthcare
  Norway Oslo     25/09/2008
18/08/2008 Tender Modernisation of sewage system and road network Infrastructure
/ Transport
  Romania Balotesti     16/09/2008
18/08/2008 Competition Design competition Olympic Village 2016 Residential
/ Sports
  Spain Madrid     29/08/2008
18/08/2008 Tender Architectural Services Residential   United Kingdom Belfast     16/09/2008
18/08/2008 Tender Appointment of architects for improvements of new gallery Arts & leisure   United Kingdom Hastings     08/09/2008
18/08/2008 Tender School design Education   United Kingdom Lerwick     22/09/2008
18/08/2008 Tender Technical advisor for waste project Industrial   United Kingdom Lincoln     29/09/2008
18/08/2008 Competition Housing Competition- Norwich Residential   United Kingdom Norwich     11/11/2008
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