03/10/2008 Tender National Museum restoration, Romania Arts & leisure   Romania Sfantu Gheorghe     17/11/2008
06/10/2008 Tender Buchanan Lodge Design Team Residential   United Kingdom Glasgow     17/11/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Design services for children's day-care centre Education   France Toulouse     17/11/2008
10/10/2008 Tender Studies for architectural heritage and urban landscape sites Landscape   France Besancon     17/11/2008
14/10/2008 Tender Designs and project management for new residential and urban spaces Residential
/ Urban design
  France Colmar     17/11/2008
14/10/2008 Tender Renovation of school and construction of kitchen Civic buildings
/ Education
  France Blain     17/11/2008
14/10/2008 Tender Designs and project management for new residential complex build Residential   France Brest     17/11/2008
14/10/2008 Tender Master-planning and design works for Ravenscraig Redevelopment Infrastructure
/ Landscape
/ Master planning
  United Kingdom Edinburgh     17/11/2008
15/10/2008 Tender Designs for Business Institute Education   France Montpellier     17/11/2008
16/10/2008 Tender Design and construction of a children care centre Residential   France Grande Synthe     17/11/2008
16/10/2008 Competition Architectural design services for Royal Court upgrade and conservation Arts & leisure
/ Conservation
  United Kingdom Liverpool     17/11/2008
16/10/2008 Tender Designs and architectural services for new school Education   France Paris     17/11/2008
16/10/2008 Tender Design of a river pier,harbour basin and bridge Infrastructure   Germany Braunsbedra     17/11/2008
20/10/2008 Tender UK-Manchester: sport-city destination leisure and tourism attraction Arts & leisure
/ Retail
/ Sports
  United Kingdom Manchester     17/11/2008
21/10/2008 Tender Architectural services for planning and monitoring for new "Physiology Faculty" Education   Germany Saarbrucken     17/11/2008
22/10/2008 Tender Architectural designs for new hospital in Spain Healthcare   Spain Hospitalet de Llobregat     17/11/2008
23/10/2008 Tender Designs for residential project in Spain Residential   Spain Barcelona     17/11/2008
28/10/2008 Tender Restoration and renovation of the Swiss Institute for Research Education   Switzerland Berne     17/11/2008
31/10/2008 Tender Architectural studies for regional bicycle plan Landscape   Canada Vancouver     17/11/2008
07/11/2008 Tender Architectural services for ambulatory surgery, dental clinic replacement, Andrews Air Force Base. Healthcare   United States Maryland     17/11/2008
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