10/10/2008 Award Design and construction consultancy services for 14 new schools Education   Canada Alberta     20/10/2008
10/10/2008 Tender Expression of interest for roadway design consultant services Transport   Canada City of Kitchener     22/10/2008
10/10/2008 Tender Industrial building conversion into police headquarters Civic buildings   Belgium Baudour     05/01/2009
10/10/2008 Tender Studies for architectural heritage and urban landscape sites Landscape   France Besancon     17/11/2008
10/10/2008 Award Architecural services for water tower and station Industrial   France Cherbourg     21/11/2008
10/10/2008 Tender Design and project management for new hospital Healthcare   France Evreux     07/11/2008
10/10/2008 Tender 13-Storey Office Block for National University Hospital, Singapore Healthcare
/ Offices/Commercial
  Singapore Gateway West     28/10/2008
10/10/2008 Tender Pre-Qualification for Design and Build Civil Contracts 917 and 918 Transport   Singapore Singapore     29/10/2008
10/10/2008 Tender Design and construction of stations and tunnels at Botanic Gardens for Downtown Line Transport   Singapore Singapore     04/11/2008
10/10/2008 Tender Expression Of Interest to provide architectural services for new National Heart Centre Healthcare   Singapore Singapore     20/10/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Architectural and construction management consulting services for RCMP Civic buildings   Canada British Columbia     14/11/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Call for proposals from consultants to complete neighbourhood plans Residential   Canada British Columbia     31/10/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Expression of interest for design of highway, bridge and urban reconstruction Transport   Canada London, Ontario     24/10/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Planning and design expertise to develop Master Site Development Plan for General Hospital Healthcare   Canada Vancouver Island     04/11/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Architectural services for new basketball hall Sports   Belgium Morlanwelz     27/11/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Architectural design services for media library Civic buildings   France Chelles     06/11/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Architectural designs for EDF Group Retail   France Paris     21/10/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Design services for children's day-care centre Education   France Toulouse     17/11/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Preliminary designs for new History Museum, Spain Arts & leisure   Spain Pontevedra     02/12/2008
09/10/2008 Tender Re-generation of Weymouth Seafront including design of three new structures Arts & leisure
/ Civic buildings
  United Kingdom Chickerell     07/11/2008
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