ID 7
Date 28/08/2008
Type Competition
Sector Arts & leisure / Civic buildings / Conservation / Education / Healthcare / Hotels / Industrial / Infrastructure / Interiors / Landscape / Master planning / Offices/Commercial / Religion / Residential / Retail / Sports / Sustainability / Tall buildings / Transport / Urban design
Country Brazil
Posted By ACXT Proyectos 
Deadline 20/10/2008
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary 2nd International Award for Architecture Diploma 
Description The aim of these awards is to encourage architecture students to research and reflect on new patterns and approaches within the current cultural context. A prize will be awarded in each of the following areas:

- Transformation and instability in the city of today. The city: changes and mutations; the role played by the place. Architects and the city in the new IT economy. Landscape, new territories of opportunity. The simultaneous phenomena of de-localisation and renewed protagonism of the urban nuclei. Geographies beyond tomorrow.

- Inter-disciplinarity as a necessary basis for a new kind of working. Paradigms of diverse knowledge-sensibilities. Polyhedric ways of seeing. Responsible thinking in an ecological society: prefabrication and re-cycling. Low-cost and sustainability.

- Creativity and sources of inspiration, within the context of contemporary communications. The accumulation and digestion of information in the IT era. Plagiarism increase as a consequence of information overload. Where does originality now reside?

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Contact Name Manuel Andrades 
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