ID 42082-2011
Date 08/02/2011
Type Architectural Services
Sector Healthcare
City Copenhagen
Country Denmark
Posted By Rigshospitalets Kvalitetsfonds Byggeprojekt 
Language Danish 
Deadline 11/03/2011
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary New hospital 
Description National Hospital Quality Fund Building project.

Based on the draft proposals for the National Hospital master plan project will be built new buildings at Rigshospitalet land called "National Hospital Quality Fund Building project" which is the first stage of implementation of the National Hospital construction project. "National Hospital Quality Fund Building project" deals with the construction of 46 200 gross square feet of acceptable building ratio Ia, most of Hovedortocentret and Neuroscience Center, construction of 7 700 gross square feet new construction IIa to the patient hotel, administration and other functions and construction of park corresponding to approx. 650 seats in acceptable building ratio IIIa. Moreover, on the contest is also the construction of 22 200 gross square meters of new construction in acceptable building ratio Ib to clinics, research, education and offices. Availability of comprehensive advisory task related to the "National Hospital Quality Fund Building project" is in a contest. Tender process consists of three steps, namely pre-qualification, the contest and negotiated for the allocation of total advisory task in spring 2012.
The design of the "National Hospital Quality Fund Building project" must be designated a total consultant after that tendering process. Implementation of the project is subject to a Health Ministry of the Interior final commitments. The construction of acceptable building ratio Ib designed exclusively for project-level and complete the design implemented in a second phase and this work will not be covered by the consultant contract envisaged for this.

Expected number of participants: 7 (none already selected)

Deadline for receipt of projects or requests to participate
11.3.2011 - 12:00

Number and value of awards The consortia / companies who submit a conditioning point of competitive proposals / bids for the contest will receive a salary of 250 000 DKK excl. VAT. The 1-3 winners of the contest, which goes to the anticipated next phase of negotiated receives an enclosed of 250 000 DKK excl. VAT for the submission of a tender offer condition. The bidder who ultimately gets awarded and the contracting entity awards a contract will receive the remuneration paid a total of 500 000 DKK deducted from the final agreed upon contractual fees.

Any service contract awarded to the contest will go to the winner or one of the winners.

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Contact Name Christian Jørgensen 
Tel +45 48104252 
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