ID 384
Date 20/08/2008
Type Competition
Sector Arts & leisure / Civic buildings / Education / Healthcare / Hotels / Industrial / Landscape / Offices/Commercial / Religion / Residential / Retail / Sports / Tall buildings / Transport / Urban design
Country United States
Posted By The American Institute of Architects 
Language English 
Deadline 10/10/2008
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Institute Honors for Collaborative Achievement 
Description The Institute Honors for Collaborative Achievement strives to recognize projects that have made significant beneficial contributions to the field of architecture. Several categories exist, including administration, art and craftsmanship, collaborative achievement, construction, industrial design, information science, professions allied with architecture, public policy, research and education, recording and illustration, and writing and scholarship.

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Contact Name Elizabeth Henry 
Tel 202-626-7563 
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