ID 0
Date 21/11/2019
Type Architectural Services
Sector Offices/Commercial / Residential
City Sanya
Country China
Posted By Hainan Nongken Yalong Real Estate Co., Ltd. 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 28/11/2019
Surface Area 172,300 sqm 
Construction Value  
Service Fee 500 CNY 
Summary New mixed-use scheme 

Details: Project name: Sanya City University Research Area Comprehensive Supporting Project (Plot e and f) Design Tender

Project location: The project is located in Sanya City, Hainan Province.

Project overview: The project plans to cover an area of approximately 65.38 mu (666.7m2/mu), with a proposed total construction area of approximately 172,300 m2, which consisting of approximately 95,300 m2 above ground area and approximately 77,000 m2 underground area. The area ratio of office and business is determined according to the specific planning and design plan.

Tender contents: Architectural design.

Highest offer: 12,410,000 CNY

Requirements: 1.Applicants must possess independent legal personality.
2.Applicants are expected to possess Grade-A Construction Industry (Construction Engineering) Design Qualification.
3.The proposed project manager is expected to possess Grade-One Registered Architect or Structure Engineer Qualification.
4.The tender is not open to consortium bidders.

Contact Client: Mr. FANG
Telephone: +86-13016209020

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Contact Name Mr. YANG 
Tel +86-898-68917560 
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