ID 0
Date 14/09/2012
Type Architectural Services
Sector Transport
City Zhanjiang
Country China
Posted By Xuwen County Transportation Council 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 20/09/2012
Surface Area 25 km 
Construction Value 450 million CNY 
Service Fee  
Summary Island ring road 
Description Survey and design tender for Leizhou Peninsula island ring road, Guangdong Province


The project is located in the north coast of Qiongzhou Strait in Xuwen County. It is proposed to me a grade-one highway. It will be a dual four-lane road that the length of the highway will be 25 km in total. The traffic speed is designed for 100 km/hr. The tender is seeking geotechnical survey and architectural design for the project.


1. To hold grade-A comprehensive engineering design, highway industry design or highway industry (road or extra-large bridge profession) design qualification.
2. To hold grade-A geotechnical engineering survey qualification.
3. Consortium applicants are accepted.

Client: SU Yunqing

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