ID 134308-2016
Date 25/04/2016
Type Architectural Services
Sector Arts & leisure / Landscape / Sports
City Viggiano
Country Italy
Posted By Centrale Unica di Committenza dei Comuni di 
Language Italian 
Deadline 21/06/2016
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Ski slopes upgrade 

Open procedure for the award of a contract for preliminary and final design of the 'extension works and district liaison for the enhancement of the ski slopes." 

Main site or location of works, place of delivery or of performance: Viggiano (PZ).

The commission will consist of the preliminary and final design of the interventions of 'extension and district liaison for the enhancement of the ski slopes ", work included in the three-year public works program of the City of Viggiano related to the years 2015-2017, approved by the City Council with resolution # 15 dated 28/05/2015;Further details are contained in the draft contract specification inca. 

Terms and contract performance: 
Preliminary project: 
- Delivery of the preliminary draft drawn up within a maximum of 60 days (sixty) from the date of signing the contract specification for office; 
- Part the preliminary design: 
1. All the benefits provided by art. 17, para 1 of the Presidential Decree 207/2010; 
Final design: 
- Delivery of the works of the final project within a maximum of 90 days (ninety) the date of notification of approval of the preliminary project; 
- They are part of the final design: 
1. All the benefits provided by art. 24, paragraphs 1 and 2 of Presidential Decree 207/2010;
2. The safety and coordination plan referred to in Article 100, paragraph 1, of D.Lgs.81 2008; 
3. All the processing required to issue the necessary authorizations and approvals relating to the environment and those provided for article 24, paragraph 3 of Presidential Decree 207/2010, as the final project is placed in the tender pursuant to Article 53, paragraph 2 , letter b) of Legislative Decree. n. 163 of 2006. 

The list of environmental licenses is contained in paragraph G) of the feasibility study report approved by DGC # 200 dated 08.09.2015. L 'Administration reserves the right to add, to that list, further elaborated the need for which it is shown at the conference of the services or otherwise. 

Division into lots: no

Total quantity or scope: 
The consideration for the services required is calculated based on the Ministerial Decree 31.10.2013, n.143. Performance considered in determining the total amount and thus the custody threshold are as follows: 
- Preliminary, 
- Final design, 
Referring to the interventions of "extension and district liaison for the enhancement of the ski slopes." 

In according to the computations of the "feasibility Study", approved by the City Council of the City of Viggiano resolution 200 dated 09/08/2015, it is: 
Total amount of the works: 60 000 EUR Construction (E.05); 615 000 EUR Infrastructure for Mobility (V.02); 13,416,000 euros Infrastructure for Mobility (V.03); € 3,390,000 Structures (S.03); 144 000 EUR Facilities (S.04); 920 000 EUR iimpianti (IA.01); 370 000 EUR iimpianti (IA.03); 615 000 EUR Landscape (P.01). 

The amount of the service-based auction to be given, including the preliminary and final design is 993 018.59 EUR (novecentonovantatremiladiciotto / 59) as well as social security contributions (INARCASSA or other bodies ) the amount and tax-based auction service to be assigned is determined as specified in Annex a to govern the contract of assignment. 

Information about a particular profession:
Execution of the service is reserved to a particular profession: yes 

Reference to the relevant law, regulation or administrative provision: - architect or engineer for the overall design; 
- an engineer for engineering works; 
- a person entitled to the coordination for the safety and health at temporary and mobile construction sites, in accordance with Article 98 of legislative decree n. 81 of 2008; 
- a geologist for the preparation of geological report, in accordance with Article 91, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree n. 163 of 2006. 

Type of procedure:

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