ID TA 7566-REG
Date 26/10/2011
Type Project Management
Sector Civic buildings / Infrastructure / Transport / Urban design
Country Mongolia
Posted By Asian Development Bank (ADB) 
Language English 
Deadline 03/11/2011
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Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Land management specialist 

The capacity development technical assistance (TA) for Phase II of this subproject will provide the Government of Mongolia (GOM) with an additional 18.5 person-months of national and 4 person-months of international consulting services (collectively referred to as the
Consultant Team). It will be a continuation of the Phase I and the scope of work for Phase II are set out below.

2. The Phase I tasks and individual consultant contracts will be completed by October 2011, which will produce a complete draft of the Land Acquisition and Resettlement (LAR) Law.

This TOR will enable the tasks under Phase II to commence in November 2011 and be completed by March 2012. For Phase II, the Team Leader will be a national consultant who is full-time and can liaise closely with the implementing agencies: (i) the Urban Development and Land Management Policy Department of the Ministry for Roads, Transport, Construction and Urban Development (MRTCUD), (ii) the Land Administration Department of the Governor's
Office of the Ulaanbaatar City Government (LADUB) and (iii) the Administration of Land Affairs, Construction, Geodesy and Cartography (ALACGAC) which is under MRCTCUD.



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