ID 257585
Date 08/10/2008
Type Tender
Sector Transport
City Wilhelmshaven
Country Germany
Posted By National Construction Weser-Ems 
Language German 
Deadline 16/11/2008
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary New control tower for NATO airfield, Germany 
Description This project calls for the construction of a control tower, with combined approach control building on the NATO airfield Wittmundhafen.

The required construction includes the construction of a new control tower with approach control building. The new building is usable space of approximately 700 m². The building is within a military security area.

The provision of the service is reserved for the specific role of architects. Individuals who, under the laws of their home state to lead the professional title of 'architect' or 'consulting engineer' of the department are entitled.

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