ID 5862
Date 09/01/2009
Type Tender
Sector Education
City Birmingham
Country United Kingdom
Posted By The University of Birmingham 
Language English 
Deadline 09/02/2009
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Refurbishment of the University Library - Birmingham 
Description Refurbishment of the University's Main Library (Quantity Surveyor).

The University is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyor for the Refurbishment of the University's Main Library.
Multi Disciplinary Design Team and CDM Co-ordinator services will be the subject of separate appointments.
The appointed Quantity Surveyor will be required to provide Services from RIBA Work Stage A to Work Stage L in accordance with the Form of Agreement, including, without limitation, the Consultants Schedule of Duties and Plan of Works documents forming part of the Form of Agreement documentation and through to the end of defects and final account and will be deemed to be included in the submitted fee.
At the end of Stage C, the University will review the progress of the project and reserves the right at that stage to cancel the project, or to proceed with a partially or completely different design team for the remainder of the project. In this event, any consultants not continuing to be involved would be paid for the services they had provided up to the end of Stage C only. In this circumstance, the University reserves the right to use, without further payment, the work carried out by those consultants, including all or any of the drawings, documentation, calculations, schedules, or any other product of the design process produced by that time, for the purposes of progressing the project with a new consultant team.
The University proposes to use a Traditional Procurement Route to deliver this project, however, the University reserves the right to change to a Design and Build procured route.
Library Services operates both in a virtual environment (through online delivery of electronic resources, information and support) and in a physical environment (from 10 separate libraries). The Main Library is the largest of its libraries and is centrally located on the Edgbaston campus. The library (which can mean Library Services as a whole and/or the Main Library in particular) is one of the key services that underpins both learning and research at the University. The quality of the library services, collections and environment influences the decisions students make about their choice of university. The quality and depth of university library collections both in print and digital form-has an impact upon the research reputation, public profile and international standing of the university. As such, they contribute to the decision of academic staff and postgraduate researchers to join the University. Those in the arts and social science disciplines would be attracted by historical and in depth print research collections just as much as access to electronic resources would be key to those in sciences and engineering.

The anticipated gross project budget is 23M GBP including fit-out & fees & VAT.

Type of procedure:
Envisaged number of operators 5 (none already selected)

Time limit for receipt of requests for documents or for accessing documents: 9.2.2009 - 14:59.
Payable documents:
Price: 120,00 GBP.
Terms and method of payment: Cheque payable to "University of Birmingham".

Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
9.2.2009 - 15:00.

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Contact Name Matthew Home 
Tel 44 1214143648 
Fax 44 1214143459 
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