ID 114184
Date 24/04/2009
Type Tender
Sector Residential
City Évreux
Country France
Posted By DDE de l'Eure 
Language French 
Deadline 02/06/2009
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Rehabilitation of 5 residential buildings 

Rehabilitation of 5 housing buildings and repairs to the boiler room of the Central Ba105.

The mission will be a core mission integrating coordination SSI, supplemented with the element of mission "Diagnostic studies and studies of possible execution (Exe).
As part of tighter military airbase Évreux units will accommodate several other bases, which leads to rehabilitate buildings housing 5 and a speech on the boiler plant. The project concerns the rehabilitation of buildings housing representing about 7 500 square meters of GFA. This project will build on the findings of energy audits to implement mechanisms to improve energy performance.

Type of procedure:
Envisaged number of operators 4 (None already selected)

Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
2.6.2009 - 16:00

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Contact Name Mr. Martin and / or Ms. Teissier 
Tel +33 232296232 
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