ID 040453-2016
Date 05/02/2016
Type Architectural Services
Sector Civic buildings / Infrastructure
City Oberhausen
Country Germany
Posted By Stadt Oberhausen 
Language German 
Deadline 29/02/2016
Surface Area  
Construction Value 1.6m EUR  
Service Fee  
Summary Civic infrastructure development 

City of Oberhausen - Municipal Investment Promotion Act (KInvFG); 
architectural services by VOF Work phases 1-9 under KInvFG. 

Order to accomodate different economic strength in the Federal Republic supported the Bund financially weak municipalities in the area countries and structurally weak areas in the city States with an investment program. The funds allocated to it from the Fund "Municipal Investment Promotion Fund" for investments of Oberhausen in the amount of 26.7 million (including own contribution of the City of Oberhausen) are to be used for necessary maintenance, restoration and rebuilding of local infrastructure. 

The Oberhausen Gebäudemanagement mbH, OGM for the city of Oberhausen all - perform in much detail by the Council of the city of Oberhausen to beschließende- investment projects with funds from the KInvFG over the term of the funding period in accordance with § 5, paragraphs 1 and 2 KInvFG and assumes the Projektsteuerungsund project management function. The architectural services necessary for the implementation of these tasks are the subject of this procedure. 

The contract includes architectural services of service phases 1-9 of the HOAI, basic evaluation, design, design and approval planning, execution planning, preparation of procurement, participation in the allocation, property supervision and site supervision for the implementation of maintenance and renovation projects in the city of Oberhausen for the municipal investment promotion Act (KInvFG). Focus of maintenance and refurbishment projects concerning the infrastructure (energy renovation of public buildings) and educational infrastructure (facilities early childhood infrastructure -Kindertagesstätten-, energy efficiency of facilities of school infrastructure, energy renovation of municipal or non-profit institutions of education, modernization of inter-company vocational training centers) in accordance with § 3 . KInvFG 
the client and subsequent contractual partner of the measures is the city of Oberhausen represented by the OGM. 

The total requirement of architectural services arises from the sum of the yet to be adopted by the Council of the city of Oberhausen investment projects - construction (construction / energy rehabilitation / modernization) under the allocated funding from the KInvFG. 

The awarding of architectural services, service phases 1-9 HOAI done to each 1/3 of the total requirement in 3 lots.

Division into lots: yes 

Total quantity or scope:
According to cost estimates, even from the city of Oberhausen council may decide high construction volume of approximately 20 million (including circumstances) is the total demand for architectural services about 2 000 000 (incl. Chg.) remaining at the HOAI for performance phases 1-9. 

Estimated value excluding VAT: 1,620,000 EUR.

Information about a particular profession:
Execution of the service is a particular profession: yes 

Reference to the relevant law, regulation or administrative provision: to apply, are all located within the Member States of the EEA and Switzerland natural persons approved who are entitled under the law of their home country on the day from offering to hold the professional title of "architect" in accordance with § 19 para. 1 VOF and have a diploma, certificate or other evidence, their recognition in accordance with Directive 2005/36 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7.9.2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications (OJ. EU no. L 255 S. 22, 2007 no. L is 271 A. 18), as last amended on 24.3.2011, guaranteed. The formulated above eligibility also applies to legal persons. The responsible author must meet the requirements imposed on the individuals. At work and consortia, each member must be named and meet the above requirements participation. 

Type of procedure:

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