ID 0
Date 23/05/2017
Type Competition
Sector Civic buildings / Infrastructure / Transport
City Zhanjiang
Country China
Posted By Zhanjiang City Urban Planning Bureau 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 27/05/2017
Surface Area 57 ha 
Construction Value 1.16bn CNY 
Service Fee 600 CNY 
Summary Airport terminal design 
Description Details:
Project name: Zhanjiang International Airport Terminal Design Scheme Collection

Project location: The project is located in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province.

Project overview: The project will build a 2800-meter-long runway, northwest- to-southeast, and a parallel taxiway which is the same length with a runway, totaling 240,000 m2, with 30 parking bays; the construction area of terminal building is proposed to be 58,000 m2; and a public car park of 56,000 m2.

Tender contents:
1. Terminal area planning layout scheme
2. architecture and environment landscape design in terminal area
3. Process scheme design for the terminal building
4. To proposed investment estimation

1st prize: 6,000,000 CNY
2nd prize: 2,000,000 CNY
3rd prize: 1,000,000 CNY
4th prize: 300,000 CNY

1. An independent registered design agency with relevant design experience at home and abroad can register to participate.
2. Domestic applicants must possess independent legal personality.
3. Domestic applicants must possess one of the following qualifications:
A. Grade-A Comprehensive Engineering Design Qualification.
B. Grade-A Construction Industry Design Qualification.
C. Grade-A Construction Industry (Construction Engineering) Design Qualification.
4. The proposed project manager shall possess National Grade-One Registered Architect Qualification.
5. Domestic applicants must have design experience of airport terminal building of no less than 50,000 m2.
6. Foreign units need to have a registration certificate issued by government authorities of their countries or regions.
7. Foreign applicants are expected to have design experience of airport terminal building of no less than 50,000 m2.
8. The tender is open to consortium bidders.

Client: JIAO Xiaoyan

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