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Date 11/11/2011
Type Competition
Sector Residential / Sustainability
Country United Kingdom
Posted By The UK Green Building Council 
Language English 
Deadline 20/01/2012
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Summary Future Penthouse Apartment Competition 

The uk Green Building Council is calling for Proposals for a blueprint for the penthouse of the future.

The designs will be prefabricated technologically so designers are encouraged to look into emerging 21st century materials such as advancement in Fiberglass and Fiber variations for example which allow for increased fluidity, However the designs will be non-site specific in conception but have the ability to be adapted to various points of interest and views within each city.

The size of the total area is 2000 sq.ft roof space, designers should start with a 1000 by 1000 Sq.ft cube area space with a build - able height limit of 28 ft, Which means designs may be double height as long as the covered built area does not exceed 1500 Sq.ft. Over 1500 - 2000 leaves an extra 500 sq.ft for designed garden or exterior areas. Apartments must fit into this 2000 sq.ft x 28 ft cube rooftop area.

Designs should consist of 2-3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living area, entry area, good storage, And interesting new programs designers may wish to bring to the table around and interwoven amongst this simple list

You may vary the numbers for example 1400 interior + 600 exterior. or 1300 interior + 700 exterior. Any combination that you would like to explore. As long at the total covered area does not exceed roughly 1500 Sq.ft The numbers are a rough guideline and are not strict at the competition stage.

The design will not be specific to a particular location but will be universally suitable for Berlin, London and New York. The design may be designed as far as you would like your future apartment pod for example orientated towards the best view, and your design would then possibly consist of a living area with a specific aperture facing this imagined best view.

Exploring the fluid diversity of the interior and its connection to a general imagined view of either Berlin, London or New York. Not a specific view although the idea of the apartment is orientated towards a imagined best view.

The clients are keen on pushing the limits of rooftop penthouse designs and the winning design will be a built showpiece of and for future living and marketing purposes and eventually sold.

The clients are very interested in mixing the world of fluid curved design with linear modernism but are open to the extremes of either strict modernism perfection, or new fluid design.

New 21st century lifestyle and modern culture should also inform your ideas.
The competition is incredibly open, and is open to wide Diverse proposals and ideas. ( Open ideas Competition )

The task is in your hands to convince us that your design is an example of a true elegant and meaningfull design and contribution to 21st century rooftop living.

The first place winner receives a very generous prize of £35,000 and charged to complete and adapt there drawings to site specifity and design an apartment that truly represents the 21st century.

Competition opens : November 10th 2011
Registration deadline : January 20th 2012
Competition closes : March 31st 2012

First place prize of £35,000, and the winning design will be built!
Second Place £10,000
Three Honours: £5,000
Student Honours ( Three ) £5,000
Total: £55,000

Jury :  World Renowned Designers Jean- Marie Massaud, Gary Chang, Sergio Maxwell. Further jurors to be announced.

Entry Fee : £45


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