ID 0
Date 15/08/2014
Type Architectural Services
Sector Industrial / Urban design
City Zhanjiang
Country China
Posted By Xiashan District Urban Construction Investment and Management Co. Ltd. 
Language Chinese 
Deadline 21/08/2014
Surface Area 1.36 km2 
Construction Value  
Service Fee 300 CNY 
Summary Regional industry development plan 
Description Details:

Project name-Xiashan District Smart Industry Town Industry Development Planning (2014-2020) cum Wushan Area regulatory detailed planning (2011-2020) partial revision.

Planning scope-the target area is located in the west of Xiashan District of Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of 1.36 km2 in total.

Design fee-0.8 million CNY

1. Applicants must be independent legal persons with Grade-B (or above) Urban(-Rural) Planning qualification and Grade-B (or above) Comprehensive Consulting qualification.
2. If applicants are consortiums, the team members of a consortium possess qualifications stated above.
3. Overseas design institutes must unite with domestic institute who meets the criteria 1 above to form consortiums to take part in the tender and the leading party of a consortium must be a Chinese institute.
4. Applicants (including consortiums or one party of a consortium) are expected to have industry planning research performances since 2010.

Client: Mr. Wu

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