ID 1935-209
Date 23/07/2020
Type Architectural Services
Sector Civic buildings / Healthcare / Offices/Commercial
City Vancouver, BC
Country Canada
Posted By Vancouver Island Health Authority 
Language English 
Deadline 30/07/2020
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Healthcare facility design services 

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is for Architectural firms only as Prime Consultant. Island Health will engage all other consultants separately.
5878 York Road is an existing building, part of which has been leased by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). The development within the building will be for the Overdose Prevention Site Program on Level 1 and Social worker and administrative departments on Level 3. Non-VIHA tenants occupy Level 2 of the building. On the ground floor, there is a parking garage.

The construction work to be undertaken on Levels 1 and 3 (as well as some minor work in the parking garage)

The work of this project for the selected Architectural firm will include the following:

- Design Development.

- Construction Documents for tender.

- Administration of the Construction Procurement process including review of tenders and recommendation. The construction contract will be CCDC5B.

- Contract Administration services during construction, including final field reviews and preparation of deficiency lists.

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Contact Name Richard Brown 
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