ID 4794
Date 08/01/2009
Type Tender
Sector Civic buildings
City Arlon
Country Belgium
Posted By Intercommunale de Développement Économique Durable de la Province de Luxembourg, en Abrégé IDELUX 
Language French 
Deadline 12/03/2009
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Summary Design of a War Memorial Center 
Description Public services architecture and design for the design of a Center for Memory and Reference of the 2nd World War in Bastogne on the site of the Mardasson.

Schedule 2 of the Law of 24.12.1993: architectural services, engineering services, urban planning and landscape architectural services and recreational, cultural and sports. At the initiative of the town of Bastogne, in collaboration with the Commissioner General of Tourism and the Tourist Office of Bastogne and through the European Structural Funds, it was decided to carry out at Bastogne, the site of Mardasson and Bastogne Historical Center, a new Center for Memory and Reference of the 2nd World War. This contract is the mission of architecture and design of the new Center for Memory and Reference to the Second World War. This project is part of the 2007-2013 program of the European Structural Funds Program Competitiveness - ERDF / Project Portfolio "Road to Freedom". A. Definition: In general, this service is on a mission complete copyright project architect and designer for the realization of the new Center for Memory and Reference of the 2nd World War.

This work includes:
- The study scenographic and management of the implementation of all of the new Center for Memory and Reference of the 2nd World War to the circuit design of access facilities including indoor and audiovisual equipment and other equipment ( interior signage, furniture, equipment management, ...) scenographic journey, space using the techniques of theater and cinema and the temporary exhibition space as well as scenarios of sound and images that bands should be made,
- The architectural study and management of the implementation of the existing building and the new building to create,
- The study and management of the organization of the immediate surroundings,
- The study estimates operating account (mainly realistic calculation of operating expenses) from the Center for Memory and Reference of the 2nd World War.
- Assistance of the Owner and manager of the future, whose identity will be clarified during the mission, actions to include in the phase of pre-opening.
2.1) The mission of the author of project will focus on the following tasks with a more detailed description is given below:
1) Establish several sketches according to B. below,
2) Prepare the draft in accordance with item C. below,
3) Set the project file of the work, equipment and infrastructure audiovisual supplies, including ... the documents referred to in section D. below, and in full compliance with the law on public procurement which is subject to the client,
4) Prepare the documents relating to any requests for permits including planning permission and any other document relating to the various administrative files needed for the construction and operation of the works as well as to obtain the subsidies, the organization of public information sessions, ....
5) Review the bids or tenders and prepare reports for the award of contracts referred to in section E. below,
6) Ensure the planning, management and monitoring of the implementation of the various markets in accordance with paragraph G. below,
7) Apply to the payment of various contractors,
8) Assist the client in the interim and final approvals and write the minutes thereto,
9) Establish the final of the various works, equipment, supplies, ....
The total budget of 6 000 000 Euros excluding VAT, but excluding fees and all costs including equipment, including equipment needed to manage on site. The revised contract is incorporated into this montantdevra necessarily be divided in the following manner:
- 40% for the construction of the shell closed the building to create and to work to bring the existing building, cf. below;
- 60% for the interior, including the route show more fully described below.

528 000 euros excluding tax

Type of procedure:

Deadline for receipt of requests for documents or for accessing documents: 11.3.2009 - 16:00.

Payable documents:
Price: EUR 100.00

Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
12.3.2009 - 11:00.

Conditions for opening tenders:
Date: 12.3.2009 - 11:00.
Location: IDELUX, Drève de l'Arc-en-Ciel, 98, - F-6700 Arlon

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