ID 0
Date 17/05/2011
Type Competition
Sector Residential
Country United States
Posted By American Institute of Architects and Mattel 
Language English 
Deadline 27/06/2011
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Summary Barbie dream house 

Architect Barbie Dream House Guidelines

Eligibility: AIA Members

Two important things to know: Barbie loves to PLAY and have FUN. When designing your Barbie Dream House, we encourage you to play and have fun, too. Remember not to take it too seriously - Barbie is a doll after all! Just think pink and you'll do fine. Below you will find guidelines from Barbie. Good luck!

My Dream House should reflect the best sustainable design principles and also be a stylish space that I can live in comfortably.

A sleek, smart home office is important for any doll. With more than 125 careers, I need a spacious office that can accommodate my hi-tech gadgets for meetings, client visits and presentations.

I love to entertain so I need living and dining areas that are open and connected allowing for mingling and easy entertaining from one room to the other.

The kitchen should be functional and fabulous with top-of-the-line appliances-large countertops and lots of space to cook. I also love natural light in my kitchen so windows are critical. I am quite the chef you know!

As the original "fashionista," you can imagine how large my closet needs to be! I have unlimited fashions and accessories, so I need lots of shelving, shoe racks and a closet that can be easily organized-getting ready can't be a chore everyday.

My dream bathroom: a large, stylish space accessible from the master bedroom and other areas.

I love animals and I have as many as five pets (including a giraffe) around at any given time. A big backyard is very important so they can roam and play!

As the ultimate "California girl" from Malibu, I am all about location, location, location! My house must have fantastic views of my fabulous backyard and overlook the ocean.

The garage should be ultra-cool and have room for at least three cars.

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