ID 147409
Date 29/05/2009
Type Architectural Services
Sector Landscape
City Middelburg
Country Netherlands
Posted By Gemeente Middelburg 
Language Dutch 
Deadline 24/07/2009
Surface Area 38 400 
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Landscape design for theatre park 
Description Architect Selection Stadspark with Theater and Parking, or the "Molenwater Park" in Middelburg

The city council has decided to park in conjunction with theater and parking goals. The challenge is concerned, a total area of about 38 400 m 2. The area of the park is approximately 33 400 m 2, the area of the theater is about 5 000 m 2 BVO. The selection in the second phase will consist of a multiple assignment. Guidelines for the contract, the Program's requirements for both the park and parking as the theater. Particular attention should be given to conducting a study on the possible variations of the location of the theater, taking into account the urban integration, the landscape design of the interior of the Molenwater Park and the architectural and architectural details to the theater. Sustainability is an important aspect in the task. The contract includes the initial design and construction preparation. The results of the multiple contract reviewed by an assessment committee, including representatives of the town of Middelburg, the Foundation City Middelburg, the Quality Team and external experts.

33 400 m 2 BVO (park) + about 5 000 m 2 BVO (theater).

Type procedure:
Not Restricted.
The number of enterprises 5 (none already selected)

Deadline for receipt of requests for documents or for accessing documents: 16.6.2009 - 12:00.

Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:
24.7.2009 - 14:00.

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Contact Name Ms. Ir. S. Rijgersberg 
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