ID 257527
Date 08/10/2008
Type Tender
Sector Arts & leisure
City Namur
Country Belgium
Posted By Walloon Institute Heritage 
Language French 
Deadline 02/12/2008
Surface Area  
Construction Value  
Service Fee  
Summary Heritage building conversion into tourism visitor centre 
Description Design and project management for the construction of a visitor's centre in the south wing of the mill to restore the old Abbey of Villers-la-Ville. This will also include landscaping the surroundings area for tourism purposes and the development of new scenic views.

Technical capacity:

Information and formalities necessary for evaluating if requirements are met:

1.) Experience

- In the field of restoration and re-type cultural or tourist civilian buildings, public or private or classified heritage for the architect or the architecture:

- Two projects during the ten years including:

- A restoration and redeployment of buildings of heritage interest for a minimum of €500 000 excluding tax

- A type of redeployment or cultural tourism

Accompanied by illustrations (plans, elevations, photographs before and after work), coordinates the client place of execution, the amount of work (estimated and actual work)

- In terms of design:

- List at least two references made during the ten recent years of historic places open to the public including one on building reception areas, shops and interior design and of course in teaching spaces. At least one of these two references demonstrate a real experience in tourism projects

- In terms of stability and special techniques:

- List of minimum three references made by one or several members of his team of similar projects (stability and techniques) during the last six years on monuments or sites or heritage, together with details of the illustrations (plans, elevations, photographs) and a detailed description of the mission

- In terms of landscape architecture:

- List at least two references made in landscaping sites of heritage interest including one in a complex with a similar site of the Abbey of Villers, accompanied by illustrations (photographs before and after work), coordinates, place of execution, the amount of work (estimated and actual work), the duration of the project (estimated time, start dates and site of receipt)

2.) Staffing and equipment

- List of staff assigned to these missions together with diplomas and functions within the office. The applicant is also required to indicate areas of the market it intends to subcontract and the identity of service providers involved

- The name of the person who will be the contact person vis-à-vis the contracting authority, the various stakeholders, and to complete the mission, including participation in meetings. The contact person, who must speak fluent French, will be required to commit to the project

- A document detailing the availability of contact person at the time of execution of this contract which is the effective start anticipated from the award

- The reference materials, technical equipment and means of study and research

- A document committing the bidder and partner(s) alleged to join in carrying out this mission and the description of the mission entrusted to them and the type of association considered

3.) Local knowledge

- Official certificate showing you have visited the building

Service categories: architectural, engineering and integrated engineering services, urban planning and landscape architectural services, testing and analysis techniques.

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Contact Name Freddy Joris 
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